Peer Information Center for Teens, Inc

Helping Others Help Themselves

                                                 About Us

Peer Helpers serve other high school students in times of stress.  Peer Helpers listen and help students explore their options and make their own decision.  Peer Helpers are trained to be aware of professional services available in the community, and to make referrals when necessary.  It is hard to be a high school student.  Drugs and pregnancy and other self-destructive actions are readily available options.  Peer Helpers help their peers come to decisions and find the assistance they need in times of peer pressure or crisis.


PICT Peer Helpers are chosen by recommendation of peers and adults for honesty, integrity, empathy, sensitivity, dependability, and the ability to keep confidentiality, a sense of humor, and a desire to help their peers.  Peer Helpers represent the spectrum of the high school student community.


Sophomores and juniors receive a full credit for the unconventional training class. Peer Helpers learn to communicate, listen, solve problems, settle conflicts, and seek help from professionals. They study human behavior, sexuality, violence, and addictions. After training, Peer Helpers assist with anything. They encounter serious situations of every type including: suicide, eating disorders, sexual abuse, abuse at home, relationship problems, depression, family problems, conflict, pregnancy. Peer Helpers gain self-understanding, increased respect for others, better perspective, and keep everything confidential. They welcome and orient new students.                                 


They provide over 1000 activities per year for younger peers and give many volunteer hours to schools and the community.  The Peer Information Center is comfortable and provides a place of caring, safety, and acceptance for all.


The Peer Helpers’ purpose is to promote self-confidence, self-control, self-esteem, self-reliance, and self-respect.  We will listen to you, let you make your own decisions, and help you find the resources to take charge of your life.  We believe in you!


Everything is held in strict confidentiality. You can be sure that what you tell us won’t go any further. That means no one else, not other adults, not parents. (The exception is any threat to life or health then we will do what is necessary for your protection).


Our aim is to help you. We don’t give advice.  We will listen and help you explore your options and come to your own decisions.  When there is a concern we can’t handle, or if you want more professional help, we’ll direct you to where you can find what you need.


We know that problems are part of life – we won’t look down on you or make fun of you.