Peer Information Center for Teens, Inc

Helping Others Help Themselves

History of PICT

Since January 2, 1986, 767 teens have been trained and served their peers as PICT Peer Helpers at Richmond High School in Richmond, IN.  They have been described as some of the finest citizens Indiana has produced by Governor Mitch Daniels. PICT's efforts to combat teen substance abuse, unwanted pregnancy, school dropout, and interpersonal violence or unjust activities of all kinds played a key part in PICT's being selected over all other adult or youth organization nominees to receive the first Indiana Governor’s Award for Service and Volunteerism in 2006.  

            PICT is available to over 1/2 the children in Wayne County.  PICT serves around 8000 unduplicated high-risk persons per year for less than $2/ session/person, due to Richmond Community Schools providing space and utilities, thus keeping overhead costs to almost nothing.  United Way, foundation, contribution, and donor support go directly to programs!

            In conjunction with Wayne County Tobacco Coalition, PICT gets age appropriate literature and activities about the dangers of involuntary tobacco smoke and third hand smoke into targeted classrooms, to after school youth organizations, and to community groups.  PICT reaches DIPLOMAS Nursery mothers about second and third hand smoke and babies.

            PICT spearheads RHS seatbelt, helmet, no texting while driving, and alcohol awareness initiatives with support from Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Clarian Health, Partnership for a DrugFree Wayne County, and Youth As Resources.  These activities are combined with the largest Spring and Fall blood drives in Wayne County at RHS for the Community Blood Center.  The themes are:  "No Red Asphalt at RHS!  Give Your Blood to the Community Blood Center Instead of Making a Mess on the Pavement" and "Don't Drive InTEXTicated." 

            Since positive older role model peers have the greatest impact on children at risk -- and do it the most economically -- PICT provides a full daily outreach schedule for the children at most risk in RCS.  75-85% of the children PICT serves are at high-risk.    

            PICT also addresses mental health by taking anti-bullying, teasing, and harassment activities to as many classrooms in the Richmond Community Schools as possible.  PICT also facilitates Mix It Up At Lunch Day and No Name Calling Week for all 1500+ students in Richmond High School.  PICT has successfully intervened with 2nd through 8th graders to stop extreme bullying or teasing and name-calling or picking fights for over 26 years.

            PICT addresses every problem statement of Partnership for a DrugFree Wayne County, most Protective Factors promoted by Communities In Schools, 2 strategies of Indiana Strategic Prevention Framework, and is endorsed and certified by National Association of Peer Program Professionals.


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